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    Serving Since 1996

  • Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Chemical Products

    Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Chemical Products

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    Mark of Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Harsh Chemicals Welcomes You

We offer solutions for wet processing of textiles to improve their performance and final product aesthetic effects using our industry leading technologies and high performance ingredients supported by our formulation and industrial application expertise. Our philosophy of using sustainable raw materials, driving sustainable product innovation and minimising impact of our manufacturing process ensures safety and quality in everything we do. We have complete solutions for improving productivity, consistency and aesthetics in wet processing of various substrates ...

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Manfacturer & Dealers of
Speciality Chemicals & Textile Auxiliaries

APEO Free Solvent base viscose safe Scouring, Swelling and Desizing agent.

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RC Process in Acid medium.

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APEO Free Swelling and Scouring Agent.

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To repair Uneven dyeing without striping and addition of dyestuff.

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